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his books. . We can all attain the mastery of Jesus and go beyond it, and I understand that it is everybodys destiny, someday. . While laying my hand on his neck, suddenly the muscles in the back of my neck tightened up and my neck was sore for days. . Why do parents have children? . 14 Valerian did not present his data to expressly deal with the integrity issue, but it has a relationship and gives rough numbers. . Not many reach that highest level of dark path evolution and meet the creator, to be told that they cannot get home on their path. . Focus 23 is where some beings go after physical death, where they either do not realize they are dead or are unable to free themselves from the attractions of earthly experience. .

At, william Jessup University we seek to develop the whole person by developing skills in communication, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking and by exposing students to a broad cross-section of knowledge in science, social science, and the humanities.
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Those experiences and many others were part of a radical change in my worldview. . The students were the tour guides, and each became an expert for part of the tour, after signing up for what they wanted to lead. Edwards Demings methods of quality control drive decision making downward to the appropriate level. I still have the tape of that session. . It was strange, but I continued the reading. . That does not detract from the integrity of each atom or human personality, however.

Long ago, I realized that the only thing worth knowing about Jesus was love. . Each soul eventually becomes part of a larger entity on the plane above the astral plane, called the causal plane. .

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