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Russian emperor Note: His sister, Natalia, had died 14 months before him. Who: Jugurtha, King of Numidia. September 6, 1959 Note: When asked if he thought dying was tough. Strange, indeed, would be my conduct, O men of Athens, if I who, when I was ordered by the generals whom you chose to command me at Potidaea and Amphipolis and Delium, remained where they placed me, like any other man, facing death; if,. And what is that which I ought to pay or to receive? Translation: How slow my death agony. Who: Charles Krauthammer From his farewell letter, two weeks before his death from abdominal cancer ( Watashi no kokoro to tamash wa teikoku no unmei to narudeshou.

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Who: Alfred Rosenberg, Nazi ideologist and minister Note: when asked if he had any last words before being executed by hanging. Absit, ut rex Boemie fugeret, sed illuc me ducite, ubi maior strepitus certaminis vigeret, Dominus sit nobiscum, nil timeamus, tantum filium meum diligenter custodite. Who: First Officer Richard Hazen, ValuJet 592, last recorded words before crashing into the Everglades due to in-flight fire on May 11, 1996. I love you and my head hurts. While my colleagues at ABC did a superb job, I did think a few times I was missing out. And yet I know that this plainness of speech makes them hate me, and what is their hatred but a proof that I am speaking the truth? I browsed around a bit and found a treasure trove of information which is easily accessible, easily maneuverable, attractive, beckoning further research, and suitable for any research library. They responded with mocking jeers. Who: Anthony Wayne Note: The "fort" might be Fort Presque Isle, which is now Erie,. Note: Scrawled on a piece of paper; there is debate as to whether Bismarck meant to convey that he was returning to the afterlife or was simply delirious or intoxicated. Who: Kit Carson, American frontiersman.

And now with my latest writing and utterance, and with what will be near my latest breath, I here repeat and would willingly proclaim my unmitigated hatred to Yankee rule-to all political, social and business connections with Yankees, and the perfidious, malignant and vile Yankee. Note: Executed by injection, Texas. I am very sorry for the nation and all the races of the Greater Asiatic powers. Uslysh'te eto seychas, pozvol'te!