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know what the ending is? Seattles sense of place is tenuous because it doesnt have the same deep history, and I imagine the sense of place in the South could almost be oppressive because of its thickness and the reality of the history. I can barely sing Happy Birthday. The Olivetti I got in Republic, WA, for.99. Gazing into the outside world often affords one a closer view of the self. There is nothing / in this poem / that is in any / way difficult / to understand, but then Bernstein adds.

I like the celestial quality of the light, Venusian and green, the rounded simplicity of the mantle, the paint job, of course, and the way one sounds when swung by the bail. Similarly, the essays frequently reach no conclusion nor attain any precise point of enlightenment. But I always loved music.

Ive hauled write my ad analysis the extra pounds of a Coleman up into the mountains when it might have been more commonsensical to sit in the dark or scratch in my journal by candlelight or bag words altogether and mindlessly stare at the stars. Gulf Stream magazine and contributor to the, florida Book Review. We move into the truly lyrical in Likeness. Well, life doesnt resolve itself, but stories are different. You grew up in Seattle and now live in Portland, and I was wondering how has that return to the West Coast affected your writing.

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