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are lit that last until early morning. Religion is obviously the cornerstone of these public and private reunions, but these last-mentioned are embodied in plethora of forms of ritual and worship. During Gai Jatra, the Government allows citizens to freely criticize political leaders without fear of a backlash and there are comic plays enacted on the brick platforms around street corners. There is great excitement when she is seen sitting on her chariot. Tihar The Festival of Lights, tihar is another beautiful and dazzling festival for the Hindus which is the second greatest festival for Nepalese, after Dashain. Two chariots are taken out in a procession, the second for Minnath, godson of Machhendranath.

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During the course of Dasain many animals are sacrificed and unique to Nepal, there is even a military parade, which is attended by the King and Queen. All are dressed in new clothes for the occasion and feasting follows the tika ceremony. Many people pass their time gambling, drinking, feasting and merry-making in general. He along with his followers, therefore,left Mecca for is journey is called Hijara which means cca and Medina are thus the two most holy places of the Muslims. Krishna, one of the popular Hindu Gods is the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. Huge crowds gather to watch the proceedings. Hence,they promote national unity and integration. On the day of Shivaratri there are massive crowds who come to pay homage and even the Royal family arrives to pay their respects. The following day the gathering takes place before sun. If people of Nepal pray every day (thing they consider as a duty in the home temple, worshipping idols, if they read every day a piece of holy texts, festivals are the occasion to prepare better meals with healthier food, to give tika and some. These dances are the main attraction of Mani Rimdu and the festival comes to a close when the lamas throw offerings into a huge bonfire. The cost and tour details are available on your request.

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