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has its own unique plot and characters, but mainly they all share the same message and lessons. It causes girls and women to believe false thoughts about themselves and could easily make them depressed about the way they look. Now this theory is considered as truth to most people in the world, but many fervent religious believers would disagree. It makes them excited and some behave more or less during the holidays. It is basically implying that if you wear this perfume you will look and feel like this. These myths were made to decrease reality for adolescent. Knowing these definitions how is it possible for the two to be in any way similar? I can recall one similar article, which actually had the line Dont you wish you looked like her? The creation of religions comes from humanities desire to explain the unexplainable and create the illusion that we have control over reality.

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Its as stated on m, myth is defined as a fictitious but well known story. They also commonly try to explain the creation of earth and existence of humans. Both of the following myths the beginning of things being of Greek origin as well as Heaven and earth and man adversely from Chinese origin, are examples of how the human was created and shaped through the usage of clay material. All four creation stories have different supreme beings that were the ones that created all that followed. The word myth is used popularly through fantasies told throughout todays culture. Every religion and every culture in the world seems to have its own creation myth. The release of the Percy Jackson books and movies has piqued the interest of Greek mythology in many grade narrative essay first paragraph school children. The course texts brought the unification angle as a primary focus. It shouldnt have to be that way today.

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