essay on natural calamities in orissa

monsoons and thunderstorms between them affect every country in the world. It has led to contamination of water and decrease in ground water levels. Located in Seismic Zone-III, almost 50 of Bhubaneswar is under extreme to moderate earthquake risk while 20 of the city comes under the extreme to high earthquake susceptibility zone. Avalanches are very damaging and cause huge loss to life and property. The disaster management planning, proper communication, honest and effective leadership, coordination, etc how defend your thesis are very important). There is a need to create awareness through education training and information dissemination, community based approach followed by most NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs) should be incorporated in the disaster management sector as an effective means of community participation.

essay on natural calamities in orissa

There is an urgent need to focus our attention on natural disasters that are taking place the world over due to damage to the environment. Thousands of electric poles, grid houses and transformers have been destroyed. . Despite tremendous scientific and technological advancements, we do not exactly know when and where a particular disaster will strike. Windstorms influence precipitation systems floods and, most importantly, cause severe destruction to crops and properties. However, only a few of the 22 countries most at risk are considered to have standard operating procedures for immediate evacuation or reliable, rapid communication systems capable of receiving real-time warnings from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre. But October changed things dramaticallyin the first half of the month, the state received at least 220 mm rain against the normal rainfall of 74 mm, a massive 195 per cent excess rainfall.

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Start your day the best way with the Express Morning Briefing, for all the latest, india News, download. Training facilities for government personnel involved in disaster management are conducted at the national level by the National Centre for Disaster Management at the Indian Institute of Public Administration, in New Delhi which functions as the nodal institution in the country for training, research and. Relief work: After the cyclone, the Rescue Team have started relief operation at Behrampur, Gopalpur and other affected districts of Orissa. There have been an increasing number of natural disaster over the past years, and with it, increasing losses on account of urbanisation and population growth, as a result of which the impact of natural disasters is now felt to a larger extent. For instance, global warming is the root of all the problems, efforts must be made to preserve and protect the environment to prevent climate change. Growing Awareness, there is increasing consciousness across the world about the environment in the wake of natural calamities, but it is not making any difference on the actual ground. The growing need for water is constantly decreasing level of ground water, the toxic industrial solvents and dirty gutters flowing into the rivers are polluting our water resources. Floods in the Indo-Gangetic-Brahmaputra plains are an annual feature. Death: Atleast 36 people have been killed as a result of the deadly cyclone. But the efforts to reduce the environmental imbalance are proving to be inadequate.

Mostly occurring in the Pacific Ocean, tsunamis, although hardly noticeable at sea, can reach gigantic proportions as they reach shallow, coastal waters. Disaster-prone areas in India. Presently, 24 ATIs have dedicated faculties.

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