gender experctations essay

as reasonableness, effectiveness, opposition, independence and callousness. There are still toy tools and building blocks for boys and miniature kitchen and cleaning toys for young girls. On the other side of that, is the argument that gender is a part of our culture integrated into our being and does in fact give men an edge. The litte girls are put in their cute little cheerleading costumes, getting all dressed up to play their leading roles. It was expected of me to take on duties around the house that my other siblings didn't have to tend to, such as cooking and the laundry. When asked, "Should men wear pink, purple and yellow?" She answered, yes with no hesitation. While on the other hand the yard work and fixing things around the house was chores that only boys/men could. For example, the boy is wearing a pair of shoes and his older brother tells him that they look like girl shoes. They are trained to be strong, and show more content, is it because the child is a male child, one may assume that football is definitely something the little boy should be interested in?

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This will make the good personal statement starters boy think and doubt and would not want to wear them again. In conclusion, Gender equality has been a social concern since man has step foot on earth. They are forced to sit in the bleachers, stand on the sidelines, and be that nurturing, supportive woman that they will soon enough be in their adulthood. Even though I was married and my ex- husband worked I always felt like I was the head provider. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1994.