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worse, doesnt change much from millennia to millennia. Its an Ancient Greek word that means: living together. Invest in deep capabilities for scientific innovations and breakthroughs. We hope to have another competition next year and we will make many further improvements to the competition. Not that humans augmenting their own abilities is anything new.

18 The competition ended in December 2010. 16 The Eternity II challenge was a constraint satisfaction problem very similar to the Tetravex game. Prizes are not transferable.

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Now, not only does pairing humans with AIs solve a technical problem how to overcome the weaknesses of humans/AI with the strengths of AI/humans it also solves that moral problem: how do we make sure AIs share our human goals and values? The Human-Competitive Award 1 is an annual challenge started in 2004 to reward results "competitive with the work of creative and inventive humans". But thankfully, IAs story does not end there. Entries via third parties and automated entries are not permitted. For example, the human can draw some green lines on the bottom, and the AI replies with several possible photo-realistic grassy fields to choose from.

We hoped for a bicycle for the mind; we got a Lazy Boy recliner for the mind. In November 2007, darpa introduced the darpa Urban Challenge, a sixty-mile urban area race requiring vehicles to navigate through traffic. The theorem states that no problem-solving algorithm (or intelligence) can out-do random chance on all possible problems: instead, an intelligence has to specialize. Another rematch would only be fair. At the time, most of Dougs peers just saw computers as a way to crunch numbers faster.

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