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spanking a child when discipline is needed. I find that they no longer use these on each other, except for amusement, but to influence and gain stature and control to those around them. Imagining women in that type of status is difficult to do in society. For the first part, this version follows the original Shakespeare text, with some liberties taken by the writers of the show, showing some tongue-in-cheek humor - Petruchio rides in on a horse with both of them wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses, the saddle has the logo for. Back at Baptista's, Tranio, witnessing the flirtation between Lucentio and Bianca, persuades Hortensio to call off his wooing of her. A Lord passing by notices Sly and decides to play a trick on him.

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(Gouge, 226 Gouge asks what purpose a man has in beating his wife? Vincentio, has arrived in the university town of Padua to pursue his education. This occurs because women have collectively taken a stand against domestic violence. It would take much longer to cure Katharina of this attitude problem she possesses. In other words, Katharina was not the one needing to b e tamed, but the brash attitude of Petruchio. Both Lucentio and Hortensio summon their wives only to be snubbed. Tranio hatches a plan to feign the assurance by dressing someone up as Vincentio. If this is the case, then Petruchio is in for a big downfall when she decides to remove her disguise and unleash herself note taking skills for research papers upon her unsuspecting husband. Lucentio, in the meantime, has devised a plan with his servant, Tranio. I recently had an opportunity to see a recording of the 80s television comedy Moonlighting, starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd. Her speech leads the audience to see that this duty of the wife is one that is a repayment to the husband for all the hard work he does to support her, a debt that the wife could never possibly repay.

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