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part of the preparation of the thesis and submitted as documentation or as an example. Undergraduate Research Symposia held each year. Wustl Human Research Protection Office (hrpo) website has information for undergraduates conducting research, including information for students who conduct research abroad, and a special section for SIT program participants. EVs, which include exosomes, have been reported to have tropism for cancer cells, which may enable cancer cell-specific delivery. Semester 4 - Spring. Current successful vectors include lipid and polymeric nanoparticles as well as viral vectors, but these vehicles have limitations in vivo, including immunogenicity, toxicity, and acquired resistance. IAS revamped its senior thesis process in the 2014-15 academic year. The faculty advisor should work closely with the student throughout the senior thesis process, and is ultimately responsible for evaluating the quality of the thesis and turning in a grade for the second semester. The first method is sonoporation, which we show here to be a viable and efficient method to load HER2 siRNA into EVs in order to knockdown the HER2 oncogene. The thesis is a proof that you have a deep understanding of the concepts acquired as a Physics major, and that you can use these concepts to do original research. The third method to promote facile loading was to incorporate cationic lipids into the EV membrane so that EVs would form a charge-based complex with RNAi molecules; however, none of the methods of incorporation chosen here showed positive results.

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The overexpression and activation of the HER3 receptor, a member of the epidermal growth factor receptor duke ellington essay on jazz piano pdf family, mediates drug resistance and disease progression in lung, breast, ovarian and prostate cancers. Dendritic cells (DCs) initiate the adaptive immune response by presenting antigens to T-cells and providing co-stimulation and cytokines, causing T-cells to proliferate and differentiate. We found phccc-loaded NPs formulated with these different polymers exhibited distinct release kinetics and modulated DC cytokine secretion. For those students graduating in December, the deadline for the intent form is the second Friday in November of their junior year. The deadline to declare your intent to write an honors thesis (by completing this intent form and sumbitting it to the IAS main office) is the second Friday in April of your junior year. Students in the honors program will enroll in Film H195 for four units, and complete a senior honors thesis. Your level of Latin Honors is determined first by your GPA. You will receive faculty feedback on your thesis which will help you to improve your scientific writing skills. On approval, you will gain permission to take one day class per semester at evening rates and begin working with your department to identify a faculty research advisor.

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