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a Politician be open to public debate? Dharmjeet Singh (Winner) Bringing back Black Money to India will increase the Indian Revenue, but should the names be revealed? Zenith Sahai (Winner) Why should a Public Servant not be Corrupt? Manasi Gupta Trial by Media, Is it fair? Srinivas (Winner) Does the human race need to slow down? English Skit, solo Song Competition 28/7/2012, english Poem Recitation, english Debate 4/8/2012. Harsha Varthan Indian Judicial System, can the poor expect fair Judgement? AkashKumar (Winner) Has demonetization and goods and service tax brought financial reform in the country? Rohini Singh (Winner) Do privacy issues outweigh the important benefits of Aadhaar Card? Neha Goyal With greater power comes greater responsibility.

Discuss -Pallabi Chakraborthy Indian Awards System, like Padma Award and Bharat Ratna Award. Prasad Bagauli China's refusal to aid Nepal due to Indian Military Presence in Nepal, is it justified? Suma Mandalapu Scrapping of the Planning Commission- Discuss. Distribution of children into four groups and selection of House Captains and Vice Captain. Sree Kavya Vallabhaneni Morals and Ethics in Everyday Life.

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HarshaVarthan (Winner) Pocket Money, Should Parents develop this habit at the tender age? Shashaank Singh Hindi as the National language- advantages and disadvantages. Shailendra Chauhan Northeast needs special attention from rest of India, if so why? Palak Goel (Winner) What sense does freeing Rajiv Gandhi's killers make to the common Indian? Preetham The future of the Internet. Mani Kant Jha (Winner) The poverty line - how should it be defined? Sachin Yadav Should the Government's New Schemes be named in Hindi Only? Chani Pagadala Does the civil service exam need to change? Nikita Rathi (Winner) The School Bag gets heavier, are we planting the seeds to a stressful society?

The exam is nearing in and the candidates need to buck up in order to survive the competition.
In the Essay paper, the candidates are required to write essays on two topics.
Sublimation of Indian Values due to Westernisation.

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