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back on the crisis of slavery and put a holt of slavery dominating the nation. It was irrepressible because the north and south were too culturally different for a compromise to work. Cold War, Eastern Bloc, write a personal narrative essay powerpoint Eastern Europe 1172 Words 3 Pages Open Document Was the Civil War actually a Civil War? Along with this, there were many issues that the North and South didnt agree on and that caused problems, such as: the Kansas Nebraska Act, the Dred Scott Case, and acts of violence. It has been argued that the American Revolution was not a true revolution, but a civil war, and that the American Civil War was not a civil war but rather Americas time of revolution. His intention was to bring out the emotion in the.

The disagreements between the North and the South aggravated the separation that was soon to follow. Many have formed an opinion and a much agreed with conclusion has come about. Vallandighams loyalty was not to President Lincoln but to the principles that this country was supposed to stand for.

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The north was steadily industrializing with the increasing textile mills and growing urban population as well as beginning. The south on the other hand was very against this and wanted for. They mainly populated the North as the Southern economy made it hard to compete with slaves for work. The civil war was between the Unions and the Confederate. The Declaration of Independence says the government is established by the people in order to protect.

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