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leave the school. The strengths and weaknesses have been stated for functionalism. In regards to non-living things, they are not systems or living things which rely on survival; and they do not have self-interests of their own. Your school has invited someone to speak during a school event to award outstanding student leaders, and you have been asked to give a speech introducing the guest speaker. Some of these philosophers have argued that a computer and software would be unable to show genuine emotions. How is this piece to be written? This way, we could compare our process of thinking to a computer software, which in turn could run on several different machines. You will write a letter to the principal, Mr Kenny, on the best suggestion for the Open House. Deciding the best place to hold a school event and writing a letter to explain your choice Pick the one which is easiest for you to write about Need more help in composition and functional writing?

You have been asked to conduct an investigation, making observations about the road condition in that area. It proposes that brain states are activities which are "low level whilst helping to realize mental states which are "high level". Learning to help others in times of need will help us see life outside of our comfort zone and teach us important lessons. The Traffic Police Department you are in specialises in upholding road safety.

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What is the tone I should use? When used strategically, functional paragraphs are helpful tools to add drama or variation to writing. Use Yours sincerely if you know the recipient's name my favourite festival uttarayan essay eg Dear Mr Tan. Informal Letter start by thanking your friend for a letter (if the letter is in reply from your friend) eg Dear Sha Sha, Many thanks for your letter of 3rd March, which arrived this morning. Using a series of pictures Study the question and see what information you can add. This computer example can be used to translate into the terms of the brain. It could eventually do all the things we associate with the human brain.

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functional writing essay